Moorehouse Body Shop,Inc.
Moorehouse Body Shop, Inc.
939 East Troy Street,
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Phone: (317)780-1860
Fax: (317)780-1865
Moorehouse Body Shop was started 8 years ago by Ronnie and Donnie Moorehouse. It was started as a family owned and operated business then, and it is going to stay that way as long as the Moorehouse Brothers are around.
We believe in the family business, which is the way our customers are treated when they come through our doors...Like Family.
As President, Vice President, and Chief Operations Officer, we guarantee that each and every one of our estimates will be honest, fair and well within the industry standards for the Indianapolis Metropolitan area. If you want the best cycle time in the industry then add us to your team of professionals because we truly understand the meaning of a "Satisfied Customer".